11 WWE Stars That Are OUT OF SHAPE!

11 WWE Stars That Are OUT OF SHAPE!
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D Von Dudley



D Von  was never a small dude. At his biggest he was 290 pounds. Now their are some people in the WWE that are 290 pounds of mustle, but D Von isn’t. He does get around in the ring pretty good and that is the most important part of being a WWE athlete so good for you D Von. But D Von is getting up their in age and if he wants to keep up with these young bucks then he might want to lose a few pounds.

Kevin Owens


Many people in the WWE have had words for Kevin about his weight… Even Vince was not to high on Kevin because of his weight. But his weight and his look is what defines Kevin and makes him look different from all the other muscle machined in the WWE. Kevin is great at wrestling, he can easily do back flips off the top ropes, so maybe his weight isn’t a hinderance to his WWE career.

Nia Jax


Nia isn’t your typical Diva. She is currently playing a role of a “female monster” and that is working out good for the time being. Her weight of 270 pounds might catch up to her after her role as a female monster washes out.

Big Show


The Big Show is a marvel of a person. He it super tall and super big. But he looks like he is out of shape and I bet their is no chance he can jog more than a mile without taking a break. But his look has been a part of his gimmick for a long time and it shows no signs of wearing off.

Bubba Ray


Bubba has bounced between TNA and WWE a few times, he is currently in the WWE and is in tag team matches with D Von. His weight has never hindered his WWE career, but he is getting up their in age and his career is about to reach its final chapter.

Samoa Joe


Samoa Joe is a huge success on NXT. He recently won the NXT championship belt and is considered to be in the best shape of his life right now. Samoa Joe has never been a chisled fighter, a part of his gimmick is being a pudgy puppy dog looking wrestler.



Kane is a huge WWE star and has been a part of some of WWE’s biggest story lines ever. He has been a part of the WWE for almost 30 years.. Right now Kane isn’t in the best shape of his life, you can tell that he has lost a step in the ring. He is currently looking retirement right in the face.

Mark Henry


Who knew that the worlds strongest man can also look like the worlds most out of shape man. But early in his career he was fast agile and of course strong. Today you can definitely tell that Mark Henry has lost a step. His matches aren’t as long as they used to be and he is another wrestler that seems to be looking at retirement.