11 WWE Super Star Wives

11 WWE Super Star Wives
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As a top wrestling entertainment network, WWE has had its fair share of flair, glamour and characters like Hulk Hogan, The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin among others who have upheld the name of the company for decades. Just like any other form of entertainment, WWE superstars often attract some of the most beautiful women in the world including models, divas, TV personalities and singers. Some wrestlers go out of the norm to even marry their own managers with the legendary Randy Savage being a good example. Others like Dolph Zigler seek for beauty and brains beyond the wrestling business which is quite common these days. Even so, one unique factor about these women is that they are equally beautiful, gorgeous, charismatic and most importantly intelligent. Here is a sneak look at the top 11 WWE wives.




This gorgeous Russian Diva is the wife of the humongous Bulgarian wrestler Alexander Rusev. Apart from being Rusev’s sweetheart, Lana also doubles up as his manager. This of course is a common thing today in most wrestlers. Known for her outstanding skills on the mic, Lana is considered to be one of the fastest rising divas in the industry.

Brie Bella



Commonly known as Brie Bella, Brianna Monique Danielson is the wife of Daniel Bryan. Just like her twin sister Nikki Bella, Brie Bella is a WWE diva with many accomplishments. Considered by critics as the more athletic of the two twins, Brie Bella is on the current cast of E! Networks and the former WWE divas champion. As a WWE power couple, both their engagement and wedding was featured in the E! Network, which is why their marriage plays an integral role in the TV series.

Nikki Bella



Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, known by many as Nikki Bella is the wife to WWE mega star John Cena. She is a WWE diva and on Divas on the E! Network reality series just like her sister. Her accomplishments are not limited to the wrestling and TV industry alone. The sexy diva is a perfect combination of beauty and brains for being a certified real estate agent.

Catalina Hager



Catalina Hager is the wife of WWE superstar Jack Swager. They got married in 2010 and in 2011 had their first child. Catalina is a model and for a while wrestled in WWE as Saylor James. The beautiful model has been in a number of magazines including Maxim and FHM.

A.J Lee



Considered by many critics to be the most beautiful, most popular, most talented among the divas, A.J Lee has proven them right by being the WWE divas champion for the third time running. She is the wife of WWE superstar CM Punk and was married him in early 2016. Apart from being gorgeous and beautiful A.J Lee is also known for her incredible skills in the ring.

Jennifer Hudson



After rising to fame in the third season of American Idol, Jennifer Hudson has long been considered as one of the most beautiful and talented singers. She is also an actor and gained universal praise after featuring in the film Dreamgirls. The stunning talented musician is married to WWE superstar David Otunga, who is a Harvard Law School graduate.



Known by many as Eden, Brandi Runnels is a stunning TV personality and an incredible WWE ring announcer. Before joining the wrestling industry where she found her WWE superstar husband Stardust, Eden was a model for Maxim and a journalist.

Michelle McCool



Before joining the WWE industry, McCool was a teacher. She has made a name for herself in the industry for being a two time WWE diva champion and a two time WWE women’s champion. McCool was married to the legendary Undertaker in 2010 and had their first child in 2012.

Stephanie McMahon



This list can’t be complete without mentioning Stephanie McMahon, who is considered by many as one of the most powerful women in the WWE. Apart from her father being the CEO of the WWE, Stephanie has made her name in the business circles for being an accomplished entrepreneur. She is currently married to WWE executive Triple H.




Known in the entertainment business as Natalya, Natalie Neidhart comes from one of the most famous wrestling families in the world, the Hart family. As was expected, Natalya got into the wrestling scene and become the first ever third generation female wrestler. She is married to Tyson Kid and is currently a cast member of the reality series on E!




Before getting into wrestling, the beautiful Naomi was a backup singer for the iconic singer Flo Rida. She is currently a WWE diva and a cast member on the E! Network, reality TV show. As fate would have it, the beautiful singer, diva and dancer married into the famous wrestling family, the legendary Anoa’i family. She got married to Jimmy Uso, who is the cousin to The Rock and Rikishi.