13 Unknown Facts About the Former WWE Star Chyna

13 Unknown Facts About the Former WWE Star Chyna
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Multiple Jobs



Chyna had a bunch of jobs before she was a star with the WWE.  She was a singer in a band, a belly dancer and she was even trained to be a flight attendent. Can you image getting on a plane and having Chyna getting you peanuts. Chyna eventually got training to be a wrestler and the rest is history.

Trained By Triple H’s Coach



Chyna was trained by the same person as Triple H. She was trained by Killer Kowalski at Kowalski’s Massachussets gym.

WCW Wanted Her



She was originally approached by the WCW in the 90s. But she went with the WWF because her trainer the same person that trained Triple H got her into the WWE. Kowalski appraoched Vince McMahons son and they worked out a deal to sign Chyna.

WWE Firsts



Chyna was a groundbreaking wrestler with the WWE. She was the first wrestler to ever be in the King of the Ring Tournament. She was also the first woman to be given a spot in the WWE Royal Rumble.




It isn’t well known but, when the WCW approached Chyna about being a part of them the WCW wanted her to be a part of the NWO. It is kind of weird that she eventually was a part of D-Generation X.

Triple H’s Help



It is well known that Chyna and Triple H are tight. Triple H became into favor with Vince McMahon and in time he convinced him to give her matches and let her win the matches.

Her Departure From WWE



Their was a lot of factors that led to the WWE and Chyna parting ways. The big one though was Chyna and Triple H breaking up. She was no longer in the good graces of Vince McMahon.. She also asked for a raise but that didn’t go well, in November of 2001 Chyna and the WWE went their separate ways.

Wrestled in Japan



Chyna did not retire from wrestling following her departure from the WWE she took her show on the road or across the ocean to Japan. She wrestled in Japan against male wrestlers for NJPW.

Chyna and Triple H Fight



In 2015 Chyna had an interview where she said that during the end of their relationship it was going really bad. She said that Triple H hit her. Everyone came to Triple H’s rescue and said that is not true at all and said contributed her lying to her on going drug problems.