9 Movies You Didn’t Know Had WWE Stars in Them!

9 Movies You Didn’t Know Had WWE Stars in Them!
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The Marine 3



This movie starred the MIz. The Miz was a huge reality star prior to becoming a huge WWE mega star. This film went straight to video and it surprised the critics. The critics said that the Miz has a bright movie career ahead of him and they were really impressed by his performance.

Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles 2


A lot of people don’t know about this, but Kevin Nash was in the hit movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, He played the role of Super Shredder. Near the end of the movie Shredder is turned into a super version of himself from the ooze. It is a short role, but the movie was a huge success.

Jingle All The Way


Did you know that the Big Show was in Jingle All The Way? I didn’t… Big Show played Big Santa in the film and he has a scene where he fights Arnold Schwarzenegger. Big Show also have a role in the movie The Water Boy where he played Captain Insano.

The Princess Bride


Andre the Giant is one of the greatest wrestlers that have ever existed. Prior to his death Andre was quite the up and coming movie star. His most memorable role was as Fezzik in the 1987 film The Princess Bride.



Wrestling icon Jesse Ventura was in the cult classic Predator. Jesse played Blain who was one of Schwarzenegger’s mercenaries in the film. After Predator Jesse bacame friends with Arnold and was given small roles in a lot of his other films like The Running Man and Batman and Robin.



Triple H was in the first installment of the Blade Series. He played a Vampire and the film did not do to well in the theaters, but it quickly gained momentum and several series have been made.

Guardians Of The Galaxy


Dave Batista is a super star from the WWE that has a real promising movie career ahead of him. He had a break out role in the mega hit Guardians Of The Galaxy. Batista is also going to star in the remake of Kick Boxer, which was a huge hit in the late 80’s.

Train Wreck


John Cena was so funny in Train Wreck! Before he was cast in Train Wreck Cena has been making the transition from WWE megastar to movie megastar for sometime, he was in the hit film The Marine which was well liked by a large number of people. The Marine did so well that it had several other installments. Today Cena is still kicking butt on the big screen as well as in the ring.