9 WWE Superstars That Got Fired!

9 WWE Superstars That Got Fired!
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Daniel Bryan



Before Daniel Bryan retired due to head trauma he was acutually fired back in 2010. When Daniel Bryan was a NXT rookie he choked out another wrestler with a neck tie and was released for excessive violence.

Jeff Hardy

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Jeff was a huge star in the WWE and he took a huge punishment inside the ring. Due to his injuries that he had in the ring he developed a drug problem. His drug problems followed him around for over a decade and eventually got him released by Vince McMahon.

Mr. Perfect



Mr. Perfect had a great career in the 90s, but his addictions and ego got in his way and ultimately lead to his termination. In 2002 Mr. Perfect and Brock Lesner got in a physical and verbal fight which lead to them almost hitting an emergency door on the plane open.

Jeff Jarrett



Jeff Jarrett was a huge star in the WCW and in 2001 the WWE bought the WCW and brought over a lot of wrestlers. Double J was fired in a very public fashion by Vince McMahon and then Double J took his talents to TNA.

Alberto DelRio



Alberto DelRio was fired in 2014 for hitting another employee backstage. Alberto said he was standing up for himself and he had some other racist things to say about the person he hit as well. His racist words exposed a rascist undercurrent of racism in the WWE.

Razor Ramon



Razor Ramon also known as Scott Hall was also released from the WWE following the ride from hell plane ride. It is said that he wasn’t even acting up during the plane ride, but McMahon saw it as an opportunity to legitimately fire Ramon. McMahon was looking for a reason to fire Hall for his personal issues surrounding his child custody dispute and his poor ring shape.

Jim Ross



JR retired in 2013, but soon after his retirement word came out that JR was actually fired for not controlling Ric Flair’s mouth at a public event.

CM Punk



The WWE fired CM Punk on his wedding day.. That is COLD!! Punk was a 5 time world champion, triple crown winner, and a two time money in the bank winner.

Kurt Angle



Kurt angle was fired back in 2006 due to a problem with drugs. McMahon wanted Kurt to step away from the WWE and get better.