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Busted! These Guilty-Faced Adorable Pups Were Caught In the Act

    How dare you!! The owner of this outraged pooch had the nerve to leave her when she went to Paris. Needless to say the dog felt compelled to eat the SD card that contained the photos of the trip. »

The 13 pics that changed the lives of these people

We’re simply bombarded with worthless pictures everyday and that is why whenever we’re actually blessed with a priceless image we simply have to share it. Here we have ## pictures that capture  moments of imminent disaster. This moments happen so quickly that it’s only by coincidence that most of these pictures were taken. They’re truly amazing, you’re in for a treat!... »

Some of South Africa’s richest and how they made their money

Here’s a list of the incredibly successful  people in South Africa and how they acquired their wealth.  Entrepreneurs and self-made millionaires dominate this list but there are also people who inherited great wealth and accomplished amazing achievements. Some of them have slipped in and out if the list over the years whilst others have never left it always going up in rank over time.   ... »

The groovy era in pictures

The groovy era begun in the 1960s and lasted throughout the 70s. It was a magical time when (now) cult-films premiered and the greatest hits in  music history were created. Inventions like Betamax and VHS suddenly made recording your favorite shows possible and the first video game consoles appeared in the market changing the way we entertain ourselves forever. Have a look at these pictures, we pr... »

This Adorable Reason Why Dogs Follow You Into The Bathroom And Other Behavior You Didn’t Pick Up On

Dogs are the most loyal creatures humans may ever hope to come across with. A man’s best friend falls rather short if you ask me. For a dog, its master is the most important creature in the whole universe and they consider everything he or she does “life-altering” actions. That goes way beyond friendship… The bond is unlike any bond you can have with a human. Our furry friends have been with us si... »

You Won’t Believe How These Celebrity Wives Look Like Now

You Won’t Believe How These Celebrity Wives Look Like Now

Actors, musicians, and other celebrities are dating for some time who they eventually would like to marry. However, sometimes that relationship turned into a complete Hollywood scandal. Let’s check some of the famous celebrity wives from the past and compare how they look now. »

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