Donald Trump Billionaire Chump Gets Beat Down

Donald Trump Billionaire Chump Gets Beat Down
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Let us not forget, but Trump is HUGE with the WWE. He had a match against the owner of the WWE Vince McMahon and a lot of stuff went down. How the match worked was each billionaire would pick a WWE superstar to fight for them in the ring. McMaohn pick Umaga and Donald Trump picked ECW champion Bobby Lashley. The match itself was boring as heck, but their was some funny stuff that happened close to the ring.


The guest referee was Stone Cold Steve Austin. At one point McMahon was standing on the side of the ring and Trump just attacked him. Trump grabbed McMahon as he was looking away and just gave him the beat down, it was so funny.

After the match concluded Donald’s wrestler was the victor and to the victor goes the spoils. He got to shave Vince McMahons head bald. Yep thats right Donald and Stone Cold shaved Vince McMahons head completely. Vince looked so weird bald.

Then Stone Cold tossed a beer to Donald and Donald looked so stiff as they were having a beer with one another. Trump just looked so goofy! Then the best part of the night took place. Stone Cold saw that Donald Trump was just looking dumb then he kicked him in his stomach and Trump grabbed his stomach and Stone Cold gave him the stunner. IT WAS AMAZING! That was the best part of the match by far.