Highest Ever Paid WWE Women Wrestlers

Highest Ever Paid WWE Women Wrestlers
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Who says that wrestling is only for men? Recently women have been added to the WWE. Beautiful, strong and charismatic women have made this sport more interesting and they have given their all in the ring.

1. TRISH STRATUS – $500,000 per year




Beautiful, charismatic and one of the most respected and beloved Divas ever. Among her achievements she is a 7-time WWE championship and she was inducted in Hall Of Fame class of 2013. Trish is the highest paid diva in WWE history.

2. LITA – $420,000 per year



Well Known by her feuds with Trish Stratus and her high energy in the ring, Trish debuted in the WWE in 2000 alongside the Hardy Boyz. She has a relationship with the edge. Lita won the WWE Women championship 4 times.

3.BRIE BELLA – $340,000 per year



How can we forget The Bella Twins? They debuted in 2008 alongside her sister Nikki, and became Divas champion in 2011. Brie announced her semi-retirement in 2016 and before that she was making $340,000 per year.

4. MICKIE JAMES – $330,000 per year



Mickie began her career in 1999 in TNA, and appeared until 2005 in the WWE. During her career, she was a 5 time WWE Women’s Champion and 1 time Divas Champion in 2009, becoming the second diva to hold both belts the Divas and Women WWE Championship belts. During the height of her career she mas making $330,000 a year.

5.- AJ LEE – $330,000 per year



One of the most impressive Divas in WWE history. She held the Diva title for an impressive 295 days. AJ made $330,000 a year in the height of her career.

6. NIKKI BELLA – $330,000 per year

PARIS, FRANCE - OCTOBER 08: WWE Divas Nikki Bella poses during the 'Total Divas' Paris Photocall at La Maison Blanche on October 8, 2015 in Paris, France. (Photo by Kristy Sparow/WireImage)


Nikki is also one heck of a WWE Diva. She is from San Diego and went to college in San Diego. She got her notoriety by being in a Budweiser commercial with her sister. In 2015 she made a salary of $330,000.

7. NATALYA – $320,000 per year



The first third-generation female wrestler in the world, Natalya signed to WWE in 2007, debuting in 2009 along The Hart dynasty. In 2001 Natalya was Diva Champion of the WWE. Her earnings are around USD $320,000 per year.

8. MELINA – $290,000 per year



Melina debuted in 2005. Among her achievements include a 3 time WWE Women’s Championship and a 2 time Diva´s Championship. Her earnings were around $290,000 per year.

9. ROSA MENDES – $290,000 per year



Known for being the manager of the former WWE tag team champions Primo y Epico. Rosa Mendes debuted in the WWE in 2008. Her earnings are at$290,000 per year.

10. PAIGE – $290,000 per year



One of the yongest Diva Champions in history,  and the longest reigning NXT Women Champion, Paige debuted in WWE by beating the former Divas Champion AJ Lee in 2013-2014. She also held the womens NXT and WWE championship belts at the same time. Her earnings are around $290,000 per year.

11. KELLY KELLY – $290,000 per year

Kelly Kelly - WWE officially announced at a press meeting at The Fontainebleau, in Miami, Florida will host WrestleMania 28 at the Sun Life Stadium on April 1, 2012. Vince McMahon (who sported Miami Dolphin colors) and WWE Superstars John Cena, The Miz, Mark Henry, Alberto Del Rio and Eve are joined by various Miami Dade officials, Emilio Estefan and former Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino in making the announcement.


Kelly Kelly, is one of the best Divas ever, also was one of the most talented in ring divas in WWE History. Kelly Kelly was one of the best divas up until she retired.