In 1977 He Didn’t Call Her After Their First Date. But 33 Years On, She Learned The Painful Truth

In 1977 He Didn’t Call Her After Their First Date. But 33 Years On, She Learned The Painful Truth
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Dating is difficult for everyone, but being rejected after a date can sometimes hurt more than the awkwardness that comes with a date. Karen Lynch and Rick Hayward went on their first date when the pair were in high school, and Karen thought the date had gone well. When the date was over however, Rick never called her back and never offered an explanation why. 33 years later Karen found out the heart wrenching reason that they never went on a second date.

Karen was your average high school student in Pennsylvania in the 1970s. She was pretty, ambitious, and looked forward to her growing romance with Rick. They went to a local bowling alley for their first date in Willow Grove and had a fantastic time, or so Karen thought. She went home that night and waited for Rick to call again.

Much to Karen’s dismay, Rick never called. The waiting turned to days, then to weeks, months, and eventually, years. Karen moved on and started a family of her own and forgot about Rick. 33 years later Karen had a full life of her own and Rick had never called back.

Rick moved on as well, starting a family of his own as well. They both ended up getting divorced and as fate would have it, their paths crossed again in 2010. They had both had families, spouses, and children and neither of them thought that love might be in the cards for them.

Karen and Rick crossed paths again with the help of the popular social network, Facebook. Their connection was complete coincidence but this one encounter would be enough to change their lives forever. Facebook not only let them reconnect, it also gave Karen a chance to find out what went wrong.

Turns out the only thing that stopped this love connection from blooming was that Rick was too afraid to ask her out on a second date. 33 years later he summoned the courage and asked her out on a second date. He called her up and asked her for another shot which she happily accepted.

Rick admitted to the Rachael Ray show that it took him 33 years to finally work up the courage to ask her out on a second date and that he thought the first date went well too.

Karen never knew at the time that it was fear that kept Rick from calling her back. Each time he picked up the phone to call her back, he said he would lose his nerve and stop.

Rick admits, I wanted to go out with her again, but I was very shy in high school. Every time I went to pick the phone up I chickened out. Weeks went by…” He thought that after 33 years his time had passed and he had missed the opportunity to go out with Karen again.

He thought for sure that he had waited too long after a few weeks had passed and that she would be mad at him for not calling. 33 years later their second date was a success and the pair seemed meant to be. He kept his hopes locked away and never acted on them even though he had felt a spark that night.

Not long after their second date Rick took Karen to a local jewelry store to do some ring shopping. It was here that he proposed to her and confessed all his feelings. He had waited 33 years to tell her how he truly felt and the time that they spent apart no longer mattered.

He took a ring and placed it on her finger and asked her to marry him. Karen says that as soon as she saw the ring she knew her answer would be yes. She was so happy that he had taken the time to make such a special proposal.

The pair are now happily engaged. “Rick is an incredible person. He’s a gentleman. Best of all, he’s my best friend. He just is everything that I was looking for and some of the things I didn’t even know I was looking for.” Karen said.

Rick says that Karen brought love back to his life after his failed marriage. He didn’t know what an “other half” was until he met her again and they reconnected. The pair traveled to New York for wedding dress shopping, or so she thought.

Much to Karen’s surprise, he pulled out an iPad and there was Rachael Ray herself. She was so moved by their story that she didn’t want them to wait another day to get married. The pair would be married the very next day on her talk show in New York.

The next 24 hours were spent harried trying to get together marriage licenses, finding the right dress, and other wedding preparations. The pair was able to go wedding dress shopping at the famous Kleinfeld’s with their mothers as well.

Karen found the perfect dress and her best friend Dorie Perdie even made a surprise appearance at the dress store. Pretty much everyone important in her life had managed to keep the surprise a secret.

With their families, friends, and close relatives on hand, the pair were married in a small ceremony on the show. The pair were married on the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s day, but the surprises kept coming.

The pair were given a gourmet wedding cake provided by the show as well as an all expenses paid honeymoon to an exclusive resort in Mexico with private beaches, gold, and find dining as well as all day room service and top of the line amenities.

Neither expected to find love, especially not with one another, at the age of 50 and they fully believe that fate is what brought them together. They also believe that fate brought their story to Rachael Ray and her producers.