The 13 pics that changed the lives of these people

The 13 pics that changed the lives of these people
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We’re simply bombarded with worthless pictures everyday and that is why whenever we’re actually blessed with a priceless image we simply have to share it. Here we have ## pictures that capture  moments of imminent disaster. This moments happen so quickly that it’s only by coincidence that most of these pictures were taken. They’re truly amazing, you’re in for a treat!

Titanic gone wrong

Titanic gone wrong pretty much sums this picture up. Clearly the couple meant to mimic that magical moment in the movie Titanic when Kate Winslet stands at the tip of the railing on the bow with Leonardo Di Caprio close behind lending support and she opens her arms wide and says “I’m flying.” Needless to say this couple wasn’t counting on the seagull who was flying towards them not looking ahead but down where the fish are.


Vía YouTube

Pilot Ejects

Here a Pilot ejects his jet minutes before he’s toast. The fighter is a Harrier and what’s particular about these planes is that they’re capable of vertical take-off and landing. Clearly it was doing either of those when suddenly things went wrong and it went straight down. Judging by the distance between the pilot and the plane this guy barely made it. Look at the explosion beneath the jet starting to engulf it in flames.


Vía YouTube

Time eats everything grandma!

This picture is almost poetic. Grandma looks back with a smile on her face thinking about the wonderful life she’s had. There’s a croc right in front but she won’t see it until it’s too late. But who knows, maybe the croc isn’t hungry. Time eats everything grandma and if you don’t look forward anymore you know that croc is right ahead. Hope you saw Peter Pan when you were a kid otherwise you won’t know a thing I’m saying! Don’t worry the croc really wasn’t hungry and he left as quietly as he came. Grandma is OK. For now…

Snake in the water

… and fire in the sky! No, sorry that’s not the way the song goes it was Smoke under Water not Snake in the water though I must say that had the Deep Purple fellows seen this picture we might be all singing a different tune today. This is why we’re no longer in paradise of course. We all know the story! They talk she comes and says that we should eat the apple and the guy goes and has the apple. I just can’t believe this still goes on!


Don’t worry they’re all wearing life jackets

That is why they’re not freaking out of course! They’re all wearing life jackets… But wait, they’re all freaking out! Could it be because they just realized that the life jackets are not gonna help in a crocodile infested swamp?


Not what you thought it would be

The experience of swimming along stingrays has been described as one of a kind. But it can all go to hell if your husband puts the stingrays on your back.

Killer clowns

If killer clowns are real, this must be how they look. I’m sure this guy survived but… He would never be the same.


Killer waves

There’s two kinds of killer waves. Tsunami-like waves as tall as a skyscraper..  and small waves with a shark in it. Contrary to popular belief, tsunami-like waves infested with sharks are not really that common though the film Sharknado has gone to great lengths to prove otherwise.

Not hunting Whales

Fishing can quickly become more exhilarating than you bargained for if a whale decides to honor you with its presence. They’re not hunting whales but the boat didn’t make it. Everyone made it out alive, both the fishermen and the whale. The boat wasn’t so lucky though.

This guy could have killed himself

Yes I know you’re gonna say this is hardly a life and death moment but believe me this guy could have killed himself. So for all the men out there, it’s OK to look but linger any longer than you have to and there’s no way you know what’s going to happen.


They don’t train you for this at the academy.

No, they don’t train you for this at the academy and gators are not gonna give you the respect you deserve. But you’ll have a partner who’s gonna take pics when you’re in trouble. What’s not to like?

Not the best place to become creative

If people knew how many people die in swimming pools let’s just say people would rather go to the beach instead. Definitely not the best place to become creative; Swimming and making out is fine but gymnastics could kill you.

Elephants touch everything with their trunks

Elephants touch everything with their trunks, specially your car and maybe even you. They’re pretty handy with it though so you might be alright