Today’s Highest Paid WWE Athletes

Today’s Highest Paid WWE Athletes
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1.John Cena – $9.5 million


On top of having the biggest base salary in the WWE, John Cena blows away his competition when it comes to merchandise sales. John’s merchandise sales are going up to due to his roles in movies.

2. Brock Lesnar – $6 million


Lesnar is a huge draw for the WWE. He is a former UFC champion that only wrestles in a handful of matches every singe year. $6 million isn’t a bad salary for only wrestling a few times a year.

3. Triple H – $2.8 million


Triples H’s salary stacks up like this, he makes $1 million in executive salary and then he makes $700,000 in bonus money. And on top of that he makes another $1.1 million from inventive compensation.

4. Randy Orton – $2.7 million 


Orton’s income was actually a lot more, but due to his recent injuries his pay has declined a great deal. He would have made a lot more money if he participated in WrestleMania 32.

5. Seth Rollins – $2.4 million


Rollins held the WWE championship belt an astonishing 220 days and he headlined nearly every PPV event in 2015. Recently Seth Rollins hasn’t been around a lot because of his torn ACL.

6. Roman Reigns – $2.1 million


The WWE loves them some Roman Reigns and so do the fans. He is consistently featured in the top matches and his merchandise are among the most popular at the WWE store.

7. Undertaker – $2 million


Undertakers age isn’t the only number that is up there, his pay is up there too. Undertaker has been a huge draw in the WWE ever since the 1980s. He isn’t in the ring too much nowadays but that has not effected his pay at all.

8. Big Show – $1.5 million


You would think the Big Show would have a higher salary than $1.5 million… The Big Show earns $1 million in base salary and the rest is from endorsements and merchandise.

9. Kane – $1.3 million


Kane came to the WWE in the 90s alongside the Big Show and has been a consistent part of the WWE ever since. Kane’s deal is similair to that of the Big Shows were he is a behind the scenes businessman and a in ring fighter.